Warm Bodies

Posted: June 8, 2013 in Op-ed, Uncategorized
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Let me start by saying I was very skeptical about this film from the first time I heard about it. I mean let’s be honest here, a slightly dark romantic comedy about zombies? The whole concept just sounds terrible especially when you consider that it’s aimed at the Twilight crowd. I’m a bit of a zombie purist so naturally I thought I would hate it but, my film geek curiosity prevailed.

What I got as I watched the film was not the teen oriented Twilight with zombies overly romantic slop that I expected. Instead I got a well crafted, clever, if not slightly formulaic, comedy with a hint of romance. Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer execute their roles very effortlessly and believably. The near constant inner monologue of Nicholas Hoult’s R has the potential to be very annoying, but is surprisingly one of the highlights of the film. Rob Corddry gives possibly the best performance of his career as R’s best friend M. It is great because unlike the rest of his performances the role requires him to be subdued yet he still conveys all of the hilarity that normally accompanies his presence in a film.

John Malkovich gives an expectedly good performance as the film’s main antagonist. In fact, his casting in the film was the only thing that made me curious about the film. The film is a quasi typical good vs. evil, Romeo and Juliet, love prevails over everything story. It somehow avoids being too formulaic and actually delivers a very enjoyable story. It also has a really good soundtrack and some awesome references to vinyl being the superior music medium, which as a music nerd I can appreciate.

A truly good script combined with great comedic timing by some very talented actors makes this an enjoyable experience all around. If you are looking for a good time that is not too heavy but still makes you think then look no further. Warm Bodies is a good film that really serves its purpose. This one gets a fully erect.



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