The Hangover 3

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Op-ed, Uncategorized
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I went to the theater today to watch the final installment of The Hangover trilogy. To rewind a bit, I loved the first film. It was made on a smaller budget with actors who weren’t quite huge box office draws at the time. It was an unexpectedly hilarious film from the director of such films as Road Trip and Old School. Fast forward through an incredible reception, huge box office success, and a lackluster sequel that was trying waaay too hard to recapture the magic of the original and we arrive back at today.

After hearing some, quite frankly, terrible reviews I went into the movie with low expectations. It started off with a slow setup to the events that would transpire in the film mostly centering around Zach Galifianakis’ Alan, who has been the highlight of the series thus far but didn’t really steal the show this time around. What starts off being a (fairly) normal trip quickly turns to wacky hijinks as usual.

The main cast played their parts as they normally do with Justin Bartha’s Doug absent for most of the film. There are some strong performances from the supporting cast, John Goodman, Mike “Black Doug” Epps, and Ken “Leslie Chow” Jeong. There are even a couple of tearjerker scenes. The overall story is not terrible and the jokes are good enough to make the experience an enjoyable one, plus there is a post ending scene that makes the film a must see. Ultimately no sequel in this series will live up to the original but this film is as close as its come so far. If I had to rate it from totally limp to fully erect I would definitely say 3/4 hard. Enjoy, much love.



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