Star Trek Into Darkness

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Caught Star Trek Into Darkness yesterday in IMAX 3D and felt like writing a review. I’ve never written a review before and one of the reasons my friend and I wanted to start “you don’t know shit about fuck” was to talk about things like normal people, instead of the pretentious asses you often find reviewing films or music or anything they are supposed to be an “expert” on. And now onto the review.

Three of us headed out that day in search of adventure and we weren’t disappointed. Visually stunning, the movie kicked off in high gear, an action packed opening that had me saying “damn!” on more than one occasion and then we begin with the main storyline, which unlike most movie reviews, I won’t go into. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll only give you this: Cumberbatch is the bad guy, Kirk and crew are the good guys, shit starts happening, fights break out, there are some laughs along the way, more shit goes down and the entire movie was enjoyable.

The actors reprising their roles seemed more comfortable in the characters this go around and Cumberbatch gave a brilliant performance and made me actually care about the villain which is a rarity in film.
All in all the three of us enjoyed it and were discussing it long after we had left the theater, which I feel is the true mark of a good film.

I’ve tried not to give away too much in this short review because I hate when someone gives away too many details about a movie, even if they aren’t spoilers, just telling me too much detail about a particular scene can kinda ruin the movie for me. Hopefully I haven’t done that for you.
On a scale of “shitty awful” to “fucking amazing” I’d give Star Trek Into Darkness a Fucking Amazing. Hope you enjoy it as well.

– D


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